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Stop spending thousands on furniture

As I started working on furnishing my space, I started looking into some options where I can get furniture that can be very trendy, modern, as well as affordable. If you are anything like me, you want to make sure that whatever you choose for your home or space it is a direct reflection of what you want to have in terms of your space vibe. Researching on the internet I quickly realized that some of my needs and wants may actually be alot more than my actual budget for furnishing my new space. So, it’s time to get creative and see what options are available.

In doing some due diligence, I stumbled upon a great brand that allows you flexibility, convenience, and style. You simply can select a plan, choose your furniture, arts, and rugs, then get you items delivered and setup. Let me break it down for you.

The Plan

When selecting a plan you can choose 3 months minimum to 12 months with the option to go month to month. If you are going into a short-term rental space with no furniture this option works best. You can choose the items, have it delivered and assembled, then when you are ready to go to your next place or move into a permanent solution you simply give them a call and you are able to have the furniture delivered to your new place!

Short-Term Plan

$0/month + full price furniture rent

3-month minimum

Delivery & assembly - $99

End of plan pickup - $99

Change your space anytime - $99 per trip

Or the Long-Term Plan which is usuall the most common.

Annual Member

$19/month + discounted furniture rent

12-month minimum

Delivery & assembly - Included

End of plan pickup - Included

Change your space anytime - $99 per trip

Up to 60% off monthly furniture payments

$19/month membership fee

Next you choose your furniture for your new space. I recommend the furniture packages because it simply allows you to select pre-curated furniture ideas that you can just select and pay for easily.

Here are some of my favorites.

The Valencia Modular Sectional is $79 on the annual plan, and on the short term plan is $271.

Choose from 3 or 4 individual pieces and configure to fit the needs of your space—create a long sofa that seats up to 4 people, a sectional, or a chair with a loveseat. Hidden clips keep the pieces secure in whichever configuration you choose.

The Caspian Floor Lamp-$10 a month on the annual plan and $35 on the short term plan.

The Natoma Ottoman at $11 a month or $38 dollars a month short term rental.

Use this versatile ottoman as a place to rest your feet, as an extra seat, or convert it into a table by adding a tray. Buttery leather upholstery is distressed to a perfect shade of soft black or brown.

Lastly get your items setup and delivered. The great thing about this is you do not have to go and find someone to assemble the furniture, and risk not putting it together correctly or wasting time by not having the space decorated quickly so you can enjoy your new home.

Feather is currently in these areas and over 2000+ zip codes.


Washington, D.C.,


San Francisco,

Orange County,

Long Island City ,

Los Angeles,

Downtown Jersey City,

New York

Great News! Feather is now able to deliver furniture in delivery zones across Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

Ready to get started? Stop spending a fortune on furniture and rent low cost furniture with style and affordability Click Now.

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This is a paid sponsored post between Feather Home and Ask Nekei/Quuirk #featherhomepartner

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