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Spotify : Becoming an Author with Saloua Ibaline

The Story of Immigrant Woman Author podcast is now live! Ask Nekei interviewed Saloua Ibaline about her journey creating this new book.


Saloua Ibaline is a certified Business Coach and a Marketing Expert who focuses primarily on digital marketing for driven, creative businesses and solopreneurs. Saloua helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, launch and grow their businesses through her signature business coaching program.

Additionally, Saloua is the author of "The Stories Of Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs In The United States Of America" Featuring the stories of intrepid women who dared to follow their entrepreneurial dreams in the United States of America. Saloua is based in New York City but is a full-time digital nomad and has lived in 20+ countries.

My website:

The book website:



About Nekei Lewis

Entrepreneur, Amazon Author, Startup Coach

10+ year digital expert creative with an extensive background in branding, marketing, and strategy. I have assisted 475+ businesses with branding, marketing, digital and guerrilla marketing strategies. My expertise ranges from a variety of industries from retail, real-estate, restaurants, service based businesses, mobile apps, sustainable solutions, non-profits, solar, tourism, hospitality, advertising, service based industries, cosmetics and apparel. I advise startups, and capable of building brands from idea, early-stage. My company specializes in logo design, presentations, website hosting, early-stage advisory, digital marketing strategies. Consumer products such as beauty, beverages, technology wearables, are my interest to market


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